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In Honor of His Newest Book, the Illustrated Fable "A Tiny Tale", Author Olivier Cri de Coeur Will Give a Free Master Class in Writing -- 

"Why We Create, How We Create, and Ways You Can Do It Better"

Bring your eyes, your ears, your notepads, and your ideas, and be ready for a lively exchange with book/TV/film writer and professor Olivier Cri de Coeur (also known professionally as Brian Lane, Scott Curtis, Lane Del, and Stan Diogenes, among other pseudonyms!), a favorite of Steven Spielberg who has worked with Olivier on TV and film and personally funded the sui generis Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic and Comedy Writing Program that Olivier created and ran at CSULB (where he was honored as Most Valuable Professor in the College of The Arts), after a storied tenure at the vaunted UCLA Extension Writers Program (teaching novel and short story writing). 

An honored "lifetime active" member of the Writers Guild of America (and its TV Credits Policy Board, on which he is deemed an "expert reader"), as well as the Mystery Writers of America, the Dramatists Guild, and PEN Center USA (where he served as both judge and mentor for the world-renowned "Emerging Voices" competition), Olivier and his work have been nominated and awarded and given special recognition, from Cable ACE to NAACP to the LA Valley Regional Theatre Critics to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

If asked, Olivier would cite to his work in his book "A Tiny Tale" or his award-winning play "The Caterer" (starring LeVar Burton) or his internationally revered short stories or multi-media sci-fi "The Peacemaker" or even his creative non-fiction "Minds Games With a Serial Killer" or whistleblowing "Thug The Book" or theory of everything monograph "Theme Theory", while his fans again and again and again vote for his "Star Trek: The Next Generation" script "Elementary, Dear Data" as a top or the top episode of all time for all of "Trek", or for his writing/producing for "MacGyver" and "Hunter" and "Remington Steele" and "In The House". Different strokes for different folks, different personal meanings and ramifications, different media experiences for each and every reader/viewer. Come to Olivier's lecture and share your own connection with Olivier's work and the arts in general as we explore "Why We Create, How We Create, and Ways You Can Do It Better".

Olivier's certainty is that each and every one of you has something crucial to say, to share, a point that must be made, a story that must be told, wisdom gleaned from experience, anecdotes at once personal and universal, characters fun and funny and flawed and tragic and not to be forgotten. Writers say the things that others feel and do not know how to say, but at times we must all become writers, we each have a unique voice, a life theme, a resonant melody that defines us and must be sung. Come and learn how at this overview lecture introduction to creativity and to you. And get a free chance to win the doorprize -- a signed confidential first draft script of "Elementary, Dear Data"!

Then, share a calm cuppa with Olivier and illustrator Margeaux Bancroft (aka Donna Cohen), as you sample "A Tiny Tale", a one-of-a-kind treat that more than fills the romantic, life-affirming, challenging and transformative space left by "Griffin and Sabine" many years ago, proposing answers and cosmology and stairways to happiness on which every reader can ascend to find their own meaning. There is magic in our world (and romance too, and happiness) but they decline to enter unbidden. In this lushly illustrated fable for adults, the Little Thatch Man and his silly owls, scolding crickets, snoring snakes, and a rose petal clock (that knows the time but never tells), will all show you the way to unwrap your dreams and let them in.

"A Tiny Tale" comes with bonus Read-Along Audio Complements. Turn the pages as you stream HER (award winning narrator Moira Quirk, Nickelodeon's "GUTS" Girl), or HIM (John Billingsley, the eminent Doctor Phlox from "Star Trek: Enterprise"). This is an elegantly produced book deserving of a spot on the coffee table and a permanent place in your heart (and mind). It makes a great gift. And Olivier and Margeaux will inscribe it for you!

A Tiny Tale
Written by Olivier Cri de Coeur and Illustrated by Margeaux Bancroft
Artists' Proof Limited Edition of 1000 -- Signed & Hand Numbered
Linen Wrapped, Foil Stamped, Hardcover Art Book, 
124 pages full color - 8 3/4" X 13 1/4" 

July 26th 3 pm at Eagle Harbor Book Co. , Bainbridge WA
157 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island, WA (206) 842-5332

Book Signing and Master Class in Writing
July 26th 3 pm at Eagle Harbor Book Co. , Bainbridge WA

Author Olivier Cri de Coeur
(aka Brian Lane) with illustrator/wife
 Margeaux Bancroft (aka Donna Cohen)