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From the Author of "A Tiny Tale":

There are two critical moments of truth in each person's lifeway.

The first is where you realize you are not as happy as you could be.

The second is where you realize you are not as happy as you ought to be.

The latter revelation only occurs when time is frozen, when you let go of what you intend as well as what you have done and see only what you are.

At that moment outside of time (in the space of immortality), the path to happiness becomes clear... but once the clock re-starts, the obstacles grow real and your lifeway can become clouded again.

This is when you must embrace that which you now know you deserve, and seek the happiness that wells within your fate rather than flail fruitlessly after a fate that is supposed to make you happy.

"A Tiny Tale" is a transformative fable of robust romance and lifeway ponderings, told in quotable verse, soul-mirror illustrations, and read-along audio complements as the Little Thatched Man and She and several animal acquaintances find a forested path to love, self-love and true love, in that order.

Thanks to "social media", I look forward to hearing from you directly as to what "A Tiny Tale" means to you!  

Thank you so much.

Olivier Cri de Coeur (aka Brian Lane)
[email protected]


(what you need to know about yourself before you make that next big decision about your life, and what you need to know about others before you get involved with them!) 

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